Levi’s Star was established as a charity in August 2008. The charity is in memory of my gorgeous little boy Levi, who tragically lost his precious life to a brain tumour, just 6 weeks after the devastating diagnosis. Levi was only 6½ years old. (see Levi’s story) Levi’s Star supports children with brain tumours and their families throughout Yorkshire.

Our three objectives are:

  • The provision of grants and financial assistance
  • Promoting research into centres for cures of brain tumours
  • Raising awareness of brain tumour symptoms

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How we are helping...

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We are only too aware that the diagnosis of a brain tumour is absolutely devastating.

Life for children with brain tumours and their families is changed in an instant. It isn’t just the horror of the diagnosis, it’s the realisation that brain tumours and their treatment can cause physical and mental changes that could be permanent. In fact some parents of children with brain tumours may even have to become full time carers.

Such changes could include:

  • Weakness down one side of the body
  • Poor balance, or shakes
  • Fits/blackouts
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Some may lose the sight of one, or both eyes
  • Some may have hearing difficulties
  • Growth problems
  • Early, or late puberty & fertility problems
  • Educational problems – problems with new learning (skills, or ideas), poor short term memory, problem solving
  • Learning difficulties – needing extra support at school, or in a special unit
  • Behavioural problems

With all these issues in mind we are only too happy to help as many children with brain tumours as possible, for as long as possible.

How you can help...

You can donate money to Levi's Star - all amounts gratefully accepted.

You could organise an event in aid of Levi's Star, such as:

  • coffee morning
  • sponsored walk
  • sponsored disco
  • jumble sale
  • sponsored silence
  • dress down days at work
  • sponsored cycle
  • anything else you want to do!!!

Please e-mail us at levisstar@btinternet.com
or call Vicky on 07971 932610
Click here to see our special thanks page to see all those who have already help us.

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