Levi’s Star is proud to announce that

Vicky Ringer has been shortlisted for the

Northern Power Women Awards 2020

in the category

“Person with Purpose”


What an amazing achievement!


Here at Levi’s Star we are so happy that this nomination acknowledges all of Vicky’s hard work in helping children with brain tumours.  Her skills and commitment really do make a difference to this vulnerable group of children….and never forgetting this is all in the precious memory of

Levi, our beautiful boy xxx


 She is a winner to us!


I recently had the privilege of being invited to the

2019 World Summit of Brain Tumour Patient Advocates, held at the National Institute of Health, Maryland, USA.  

I presented a workshop session focusing on how Levi's Star offers educational support and guidance to children living with the effects of a brain tumour.  25 countries from five continents attended the conference and it was a fantastic event, highlighting the great work being carried out worldwide by medics, researchers, charities and patient advocates. Levi's Star was proud to be part of the conference and part of the community working tirelessly on behalf of brain tumour survivors, to help ensure research, treatment and long term support continues to progresses.  The event was truly inspiring and thank you to Kathy and Gordon for including Levi's Star Children's Brain Tumour Charity.   

Vicky Ringer

This one was for you Levi xxx


                                                                                       Photos by Marleen Van den Neste,


Doctorate research into how children with brain tumours are supported at school is going well. Vicky has successfully completed year 1, 2 & 3 of a Doctorate in Education and is currently very busy in year 4.  We are excited about this much needed area of research as it is directly informing practice within schools. 

Levi’s Star aims to disseminate findings across the UK and internationally, as we recognise the importance of the quality of survivor-ship for children and young people who have survived brain tumours.

Please call us if you would like further details.