Our Support Services

Levi’s Star provides a unique children and young people’s brain tumour education outreach support service.  We offer educational advice and support for children and young people living with the effects of brain tumours.

We Provide

  • Educational advice and support for children and young people who have survived a brain tumour, returning to school/college and throughout school/college.
  • Access to a SEN educational specialist teacher to help families and schools/college/university identify individual needs of 5-25 year old brain tumour survivors.
  • Guidance/training for teaching assistants, teachers and SENCOs on how to implement support for children and young people living with the effects of a brain tumour.
  • Free access arrangement assessment testing for children and young people within education and the workplace (this is where we assess the child or young person for concessions within exams, for example, reader, scribe or extra time).
  • Access to dyslexia assessments for children and young people living with the effects of a brain tumour.
  • Signposting to other services within your area.
  • See links page for educational guidance/information for schools supporting children with brain tumours.


We offer education support and advice to children and young adults who are receiving, or have completed, treatment for a brain tumour.  There is no time limit on the support offered, as we are committed to providing the right support to children, young people and families at a time when they need it.

Where and How?

We work with children, young people, and schools/colleges across Yorkshire. We work closely the LGI who often refer children, families and schools to our service. Vicky Ringer is our specialist teacher and leader of the education outreach service, please feel free to contact her if you have any concerns regarding school support for your child. We also welcome referrals from other hospitals, social workers, GPs, schools and self-referrals.  In short, anyone who has the permission of the parent or carer can refer to us.  Please contact Vicky Ringer, Children and Young People’s Brain Tumour Education Outreach Specialist, for more information about this service on:

Vicky Ringer – Specialist SEN Teacher and Service Leader, supporting 0-25 yrs

07971 932610 or email levisstar@btinternet.com